Climate Change and Poverty

The future is surely here and no matter how long we whine about the challenge of climate change, multiple opportunities abound within. Climate change with poverty is the biggest challenge of these times. A clear analysis shows that for a sustainable and safe world, the growing global population needs to be provided energy, sufficient food, clean water and all these must be provided in an intact environment. There is a need to provide for the needs by bridging social inequalities and providing basic amenities to the developing world but there is also an urgent need to ensure such growth take the environment into account.

Balancing global economic growth in the next few years would have meant use of finite raw materials to solve global issues of poverty. Territories like China whose energy needs are surging will continue to increase their gaseous emissions and other developing countries might engage in economic development at conflict with environmental resources. The key idea is on how we balance these much needed growth for developing economies and put our planet safe for living? A new economy is dawning and definitely it will be green technology. These technologies when fully matured will come with its disruptive tendencies and sweep across industries and its processes, clean out jobs and create new ones for the future. Energy systems, transport, digital devices, consumption patterns and heavy machinery will definitely be impacted with green innovation.

In these high end innovation for advanced communities also lies great deal of potentials for developing countries. Many energy systems of developing nations are still waste finite environmental resources in their urge to make a living. Many of the developing territories of today have surging population and movement of people to urban centers. This in turn possibly shows demands for energy, mobile devices, transport systems and consumption patterns will increase across these regions. Since these territories have to pursue growth, protecting natural resources, using energy efficient technologies, maximizing recycling initiatives as well as sustainable mobility and resource management. Smart technologies and its adoption is the way to build sustainable communities who get involved in the glorious green future as they get liberated from poverty. It is of enormous opportunity to find that green technologies can radically change the lives in poor regions.

The biggest opportunity is to find the right strategy for developing countries by first supporting their education on climate change and sustainability and gradually finding the right technology to replace their inefficient traditional methods.


Oluseun Onigbinde is a climate change and sustainability strategist and thinker  who wants to tell his world about the need to conserve global resources and solve problems of poverty. He can be reached on


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