2010: The Book of Lamentations

Life could be a cutlass – the blunt and sharp edges. 2010 was not different and came with tales of oranges and lemons. Days have passed, and at times wonder why did I not strangle the hands of the clock. Making sure it did not tick away this page of life. Why do we get old so soon and get wise too late?

Once asked myself an honest question on a windy afternoon, if I had to take a review of this year what would I score myself? 69% I thought later it turned to 61%. Finally honestly I said 50-55% category. Taking a look at my catalogue of to- do, I was not the bright pupil of the class. Only while in Ibadan few days ago, my mother began to recount the gracious works of God, I ceased to lament. 2010 truly came with a blessing I can’t deny: I defined my brand identity. An Identity of me now synonymous with the green. Now only issues of climate change and sustainability drives my skull and put me in a position to comment after eating pages of books.

I am the master’s work in progress and I don’t mind the hacksaws that take out my rough edges. Though I am pained at my weakness, I know have to take my strength beyond the borders of the possible. I remembered how God took away a god. My laptop was more prized than my lost girlfriend and just a nite the armed robber yanked it off. I remembered how we had the first Green Acts event, the trip to Kenya, the spendthrift owanbe parties, the hustle to change my accommodation and the shift to a new dept in Marina. I remembered the books I read, music I heard and people I met. Days I had to curl up in the dim light writing my novel, surf for opportunities on the web and add a Facebook comment from the limits of my knowledge and convictions. The Ileovasion party, new BB addiction, rigorous tweeting and peering through Facebook pages.

I always felt I need to start firing more shots from my chopper, 2010 was when the cartridges were almost full, I could not shoot at full stretch. I need more bullets, more focus and more strength from the Miracle Worker. 2011 for me will define one thing– aggressive knowledge and sharing it across multiple platforms.
I want to be a better person swimming in streams of knowledge believing God to berth me at the land of success. .Knowledge defines me, though I know too little, I want more and finally write more. 2011 feelings are summing up. Feelings of why my society needs to me more just, why the church needs to be more responsible to the society and why the Nigerian needs deliverance from PDP. Why it takes a man five minutes to drink a bottle of coke but throws back the can at nature in a second. I also want the wait for my collection of short stories, it will delight you.

I want to thank God for giving me life and another chance at every breath of my life. I want to thank my family mostly Seye who graduated from University this year. I want to thank you and my most especially my new friends – Isqil Najim, Elizabeth Moses, Yenny Idowu, Abiri Tosin, Olukokun Deji, Sunkanmi Agbomeji, Adewole Taiwo, Olu Olaoye, NIyi Adeoye, Olumide Idowu, Thaddeaus, Esther Agbarakwe, Simon Itodo, Stanley Achonu, Nze Sylva, Maryam Odubena and fbn peeps. I want to thank the authors of the over 35 books I read this year for sharing knowledge.
In 2011, I promise to start with lightning and smash the finishing line with a thunderbolt. God help and preserve me. (Amen)


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