Tech-In-Series…Sharing For a Better World

I have always wondered what a better the world would be if we did more in sharing rather than be locked in a combative battle.  I am sure a better world would be ours if we keep a blind eye at times at naira sign that glistens on every cherished note.  I am sure in such avenues will the creativity of mankind bloom to solve the most pressing issue of the globe. From content, events, multimedia and entrepreneurial opportunities, we are sharing with information getting viral in a second. If we imbibe this in all we do, I mean beyond the profit motive at every instance, there will be more social values to protect and we will have a more prosperous and happier world. I am sure that our climate will be better if we cared how we throw our litter and our neighbourhoods will be safer even without tall fences and tinted windscreens. We would have fewer bankers who use leverage instruments to overhang the system leading to loss of jobs.  It will be a better world if we all believed all our actions are not of private costs but have social impact on an unknown mass.

I was part of the Second Tech-In-Series which focused on leveraging on technology platforms to boost citizen participation in governance. Tech-In-Series is organized by the Co-Creation Hub and founded by Femi Longe and Bosun Tijani is a 48hr experiment living lab gathers geeks and designers to co-create novel web and mobile based solution aimed at empowering citizen to contribute to good governance.

I submitted a novel idea to make Nigerian budgets to be more readable, accessible and interactive via the web and mobile application. I have often been ashamed of how I glean facts from Nigerian budgets and its attendant effect on citizenry but only few understand the complex items of the document. It is a fact that budget as a proposed financial statement is a public document but the dexterity needed to understand it bit by bit is not available to all Nigerians.

In 48 hours the camp started, we were expected to come with a prototype and a sustainability plan that transform the idea to the product. The members of the team were anonymous to me and the tech tools to transform the idea were also unknown. I found myself in midst of passionate people with infectious energy ready to take the idea to next level and for non-profit to the employed team members; they brought their hard-earned skills to the team. My idea was named BudgIT was judged second losing to the Resident Reports idea.  It was a glorious moment to see how young people will work energetically for a common purpose to help their society. The biggest point in the event was not the prize but when I saw the geek in my younger brother who with his peers was working another project Citizen Vine.

Many people of great respect have talked up on how social entrepreneurship is a key factor to solve the global problems. I have always believed that social injustice and all that synonymous with a picture of that half naked child with a begging bowl can find its solutions, if we have more change makers who rather than sip gallons of coffees in cozy offices have an humane heart to reach to the world. I have seen them in iHub Kenya and also countless of these ‘Cheetah Generation’ in Nigeria. Let keep applauding Co-Creation Hub and other social entrepreneurs to do more, let’s understand in a world of shared responsibility which they believe in, we can all make the world a better place.


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