Millstone on General’s Neck

I watched a graphical analysis of how we voted in last elections on BBC and it’s a picture of few words. A thin strip divided our voting pattern into two almost even halves and this has been my thoughts if Nigeria is a nation or a country. Isn’t there suppose to be a rigorous debate about our unity or we can pass the blame game and simply wait for another fresh graves? Every time the northerners find just and unjust cause to protest, a bigoted sect within, find southerners to maim, churches to burn and now cruelly slay corpers.

Jonathan was doing a disruptive attempt to use power of incumbency to shatter an unwritten agreement of zoning. We are all witnesses to how horde of people in the North thronged Buhari campaign perceiving the cloak of a messiah in him. I joined them taking a relic of the military era as the symbol of change since I find PDP and all it represents an hard sell.

It is in that mindset of a nation that I didn’t mind who gave us an alternative. PDP, an iteration of a mathematical jargon that defines nothing became fresh air to many like bed of roses. Rather we take the underlying issues, everyone consciously singled Goodluck out for humility and an alternating symbol to its diseased party. PDP had always proven artistry at rigging and it was in this light, everyone was urged to protect his or her votes.

Now they have overblown it. Some illiterates with no clear understanding of democratic credentials have turned this to a mob rule. Their actions seeking for change has been poisoned with rigid North must rule syndrome and end result of anger has always been the usual victims. It has been times of mourning for this nation and for people that hug surface rather than depth, our reactions will be diverse. Buhari has his blames for not speaking timely to check their outraged youths but like the jobless man in Tunisia began the Arab revolution, an illiterate, an agent of unrest and brainwashed with religious fallacies is marking time to explode.
It is sad the Northern masses have been given to beggarly attitude and they have little heroes as leaders. The Buhari the Northern masses have found does not have the tally of national majority and for the mob, rationality does not live in them. I watched scores of young people destroy stuffs and I know they were those that either ride okada or sells carrots in wheel barrows. The issues won’t go away with blame approach, it will only, if they get new role models, educate them, empower their minds, engage them for sustainable living and give them the right values. It is under that basis they take off wool from their eyes to see the Southerner as a co-owner of this space and deserves no hatred at any cost. But since PDP hogs the media, we can take a petty cause and hang the millstone on Buhari’s neck. If in no distant future, they burn down a church or kill fellow Nigerians because of a cartoon or a distant joke about the Prophet, maybe we turn our faces to sky?

The crass illiteracy of the North is threat to Nigeria’s unity. It has been so since the Kano riots of 1953. Nothing has changed, especially our leadership of that area haven’t reflected the passage of time. May Jonathan and rest in governance do that which is right regards to the Northern education and not expedient sensation fuelled by the media.

A sad commentary on those killed in Post-Presidential election violence


The Road Taken

I know the problem with this country can’t be written in a sentence. It is a complex jargon that you get entangled in and trying to fix a riddle in the recurring expression breaks one down. It can make you a rebel, pains you to tears or to seek escape from the stagecraft of mundane actors. I have watched the filth of politics and only God knows if in this workshop of mechanics, can one walk tall in white gowns in future?

To find the Nigeria problem starts with the nation-country paradox. Is Nigeria only a country? Is it still that quilt of patchwork spun by the British in 1914? Are will still that geographical expression or we are still in doubt if amalgamation of loose ethnic spaces ever happened? So when we talk of Nigeria we talk as if it’s a battle between ethnic sections for a lead starring role? I have strongly become opinionated that the problem started with our elite. The problem of elite has represented by our leaders has distilled into our minds and we act it out in connivance. In our minds we still harbor spaces of ethnic priorities as if Obasanjo ever finished Ota-Abeokuta road or Goodluck Jonathan saw Benin –Ore road as a priority. It is now of most individuals who revel in fear of domination and so in glaring pieces of failure of 12 years, some see no reason for change because Northerners are offering us an alternative.

I don’ t think any era had squandered Nigeria wealth and resource in the last 12 years like PDP did. I wish we ever knew who profiteered from IPP bazaar, Halliburton scam, federal highway contracts, concessions  and many more sad cases. Now rather than become a strong bunch to tame this monster, it’s a question of Goodluck versus PDP. A man who took steps on the ladder held by the godfathers, will he turn around and wish them goodbye? Where did all the campaign cash come from, is it adieu to his benefactors? If he can’t deny Bode George fresh correctional institution or sack Abba-Aji after reckless talk of FOI bill, nothing will convince me.

In all I care, I understand that we are looking for a saint to lead us.  But in all men , they using deep pockets and paid media , point  their flaws to our psyche.  Buhari is an extremist, Ribadu was Obasanjo puppet and Tinubu’s extension, Dele Momodu lacks experience and Shekarau is a fine talker. The weakness of men is the tool to divide us but many have found salvation in the PDP. I think they changed parties  in governance twice in Ghana and great democracies reinvent themselves to define stance to national issues but that’s a long road to the Nigerian. Change is too risky for our appetite so we take refuge in foxes camped in the henhouse.

To the PDP with sound brand professional selling themselves as fresh air and need to allow a Niger Delta man share the spoils, to the alliance that won’t trip over their ego, to some opposition parties of personal occults with no defined ideologies, to the Nigerian people whose resilience is poisoned with ethnic sentiments, I wish all us where this road leads us.

I know that in long run we are dead and in hindsight our memories shall be brought to justice if we ever took the easy or right road.  If we ever did this out of our conscience or sang along with the crowd. I have found a right road based on the highest values I esteem and against corruption that has killed everything Nigeria would have become. I pray for steadfastness in my personal journey and that at late years of my life, I can declare I never stole a kobo in any office. If PDP wins, we anoint Ogbulafor a prophet in waiting. PDP with inspiration from Japan party plans to be here for 50 years. I only wonder if this road leads to the shining city on a hill or dark night of savages. But let it be known it was never PDP rigging might, we the people were a part and our votes now turn their wheels on the road we  and our children find ourselves.

Dedicated to General Muhammadu Buhari, Tunde Bakare, Nuhu Ribadu and all well meaning Nigerians asking for an alternate leadership.