The Thing Between Your Legs

There is always an awkward moment in our lives when a part of our body acts faster than our brains. When the conscience wants to act like a control measure, we quickly shut it down. Rather than take few minutes and plot the scenes rationally, applaud our senses for saving us from a misstep, we decide to assume full control. At times, it is beyond an accidental occurrence, it is a part of us that we conceal from the glazing camera and public spaces. It is the innermost desire of our hearts that found an opportunity clothed in ‘secrecy’.

 The stick or wedge between our legs takes men or women from steep heights of giants to the low valleys of midgets. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was a saga that left stains on a remarkable presidency. So if the obscene meetings were not once or twice, can we assume that this was what his soul wanted but his public persona won’t agree? What if he took a yard of thought to ask how history will chronicle this ‘secret’ deed? What if he understood he had a vow to fulfill to his wife or his Creator to obey? I am not acting as a judge but same goes for the former World bank Chief Paul Wolfowitz who had to resign after abusing his position to give huge financial benefits to his mistress. IMF CEO, Strauss-Khan, tipped to be next French President hits the news headlines few days ago by attempting to sexually assault a 32 year old hotel maid.  So it is an orgasmic moment that humbles warriors and even doesn’t spare the intelligent breed we admire. Men and women of prime character have tainted their history at the unrestrained urge to satisfy the longing of the opposite organ.

Beyond what a sexual urge could is much more the hands can do. I have pondered on why people have bottomless cravings for wealth – a spirit in candidates of hell. Rather than they take it through dint of hardwork, they wallow in greed taking the position of the crowd. We have lived in the midst of global financial crisis where people in utmost frenzy and lure of quarterly  bonuses  disrupt the world financial system. We also have rogues bankers in our midst who rather than bear a courage of morals,  seek every wrong opportunity to create an empire of vanity. Allen Stanford, Miliken, Ibru,  Madoff, Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and many more are people who sat in palaces of wealth but tumbled after being brought to public justice. Let me spare us of government officials because we will be left with iterations that overlabors my point.

A quick word is that most times we just want to do things on impulse, act as if never happened or that no one saw us? Sometimes we keep right principles in the public but our innermost cravings are different. At times we really want it crooked just to move on. In those lonely moments  let think through issues asking ourselves is it worth it? Before we commit that act of sin, or revel in short term pleasure that defines nothing, let’s ask ourselves  is it  worth the confidence the community, the great history to be penned or the body of work our Creator did for us.


One thought on “The Thing Between Your Legs

  1. Those things between our legs are what can make or wreck us.

    Another blog that makes the reader wonder and questions. Men are always falling foul of incidents described in the blog.

    Those anyone know of any incident of high powered woman involved in a scandal like this???

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