Nature’s Cycle of Innovation

Standing by the graveside of a loved one is not a moment of comedy. It is a sombre event with long faces laden with flood of tears. As we humans watch the lone figure boxed in a cage or wrapped in a cloth, the disappearance of such mortal for ages, the loss of the fleshy feel that flog our souls to tears. The hustle of life have made us to forget how lonely it was in the womb and how finally this body will be a cuisine of termites into a narrow dugout. Most cries are the graveside might not be pity for the lost ones but we are glossing the reality in the face that one day in the bottomed pit, our bodies shall be lowered. As much as we love life comes to mind technology, natural cycle and innovation. Humans are always obsessed with an idea that never sees the next disruption coming. It is a cruel fear of the dark that makes us faithful adherents to the status quo. As we tears drip either for a worn out being who deserves rest or a dazzling person lost at the noon of life , it’s a tear against change that defines the cycle of nature.

When the race for electricity began, Thomas Edison was ahead with the direct current. The best scientists like Nikola Tesla worked with him to build the magnificent current that disrupts the steam engines days. When Nikola Tesla was ranting about our DC power was limited and the need to move to Alternating current, Edison said such scale of power was needed for electrocution. Experiments were carried out to fight the use of alternating current by using it to kill criminals. Now the same AC powers all we own. Tesla after the triumph of alternating current had great dreams to build the first global wireless systems by constructing the Wardenclyffe Tower. The huge experiment never came to reality as the bankers withdrew the loan on the advice of JP Morgan for its lack of possibility. Now the dreams of Tesla for a unified wireless platform are fulfilled in us. Albert Einstein was a man whose work of genius on relativity was doubted even Nikola Tesla said relativity equations were “magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple that ignorant people take for a king”. Most times we never the next horizon coming because we are to beholden to we have.

According to Boston Post “Well-informed people know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires. Even if it were, it would be of no practical value.” Western Union, a leader in postal systems believed the “The (telephone) device is inherently of no value to us”. When the chairman of IBM, the leader in mainframe computers which was asked about the future of computers, he said “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” IBM was protecting its large boxes of mainframe computers while Bill Gates was dream of personal computer. He was seen as creating an hobbyist equipment not meant for sophisticated data. Slaves built the White House and US Capitol. American Justice Taney said of slaves that ” They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect”. This statement was a landmark one that treated slaves like commodities or merchandize to be bought and sold with no regard for rights. In 1812, Britain burnt Washington including the White House and US Congress but such history don’t matter as they have turned out to be the greatest ally. Same for Germany that was stubborn in the 1940s but no take a sober look in the comity of nations.

Imagine we had Justice Taney still living, we might be beholden to that slavery discourse about the right of the black man to the American dream and the world would have denied an Obama the presidency or Edison would think DC was the only way we could transmit electric power. Mr Watson who founded IBM who still have kept us in belief that five computers will dot the world. People come and go, ideas leave and take. Such is the role of death in a society, to replace the old with the new by tossing the society into a new balance. The new without the limiting dogma picks sight and blindness of the past; inject new visions to be quashed by the unborn. It is the cycle of life that sustains the life of the planet we fight when death appears to the human face for transition to higher realm. That’s why when death comes, money becomes feeble, fame goes rust and intellect becomes lame likewise for innovations the world was once obsessed with. Nothing stops the decaying mass that lays in our hands – either of the body of a lost one or an invention that has passed the tick of time.

After humbling IBM and believing the next sea of change was upon Microsoft, Bill Gates was asked what he feared most “I fear someone in a garage who is doing something completely new”. We don’t need to fear the end that will come but new things that reshuffles our own world of existing order. It makes us strive harder to leave to leave a legacy that marks a starting point for the exciting future.


One thought on “Nature’s Cycle of Innovation

  1. Yet again another mind probing blog. I enjoy reading your blog because I turn the contents into a probe, trying to find answers which I related to the nation called Nigeria.

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