Jonathan: Go to the confessional

Subsidy protest runs high in my blood. I have my fist clenched with my bare knuckles and the occupy symbol with deep inspiration. But I need to question all things,in whose interest is this protest? One, its in my interest since fuel prices has doubled but the cabal also beams smiles on me. Am I now  an unpaid goon of the cabal as I protect the franchise that made them sudden billionaires? Jonathan said he has no enem to fight why did he take the average Nigerian to the guilottine. He need to  go  to the confessional and simply tell us he cant fight the cabal. Nigerians already  see you in a stock of blunt tools, don’t wield as a shinning axe.  Though common knowledge said ethnic justice put him there through the masses’ vote, how did he buy such patronage?  We know Nigerian incumbents take public treasury and campaign account as one aided with greek gifts of the cabal.

Should Nigerians bear the cost of the broken contract between him and the cabal? Should I just allow these funds go to that clueless LGA chairman who shows up only on payday or even Goodluck that has frittered oil savings? GEJ being part of the PDP rotten orchard lacks moral authority to bring down the gravy empire .

Jonathan has commmunicated subsidy badly and with its unpresidential mien, he has not been able to convince us that he won’t waste this funds again. You think a Churchill or even George Bush won’t convince Nigerians? The 2012 budget in a time when GEJ and his goons say an economic disaster is looming does not show austere cuts. So who is GEJ deceiving by  puttings the alarms on? Ministry of Niger Delta proposes to buy software for 790m, do they have a banking license that needs Oracle?  He has emptied all excess crude oil bags, so his actions clearly states  he thinks of our wallets.

GEJ need to resell his idea. Go back to drawing table. Take it back to N65 first.  Where is a deregulation roadmap with timelines? None. Where is the PIB Bill that sets up a framework fora deregulated environment? The National assembly don’t have it. Where will Nigerians get the refineries NNPC are building and how bold will he oversee that to get it done in three years? None. Cut the waste in government, cut public officials salaries, do a thorough staff audit and slash overheads by 50%.  Communicate that in a transparent manner to Nigerians. Tell us how the subsidy savings at all levels will be clearly monitored to attain the feats of PTF.

You just tell PPPRA remove fuel subsidy and say deregulation begins from our wallet.  Jonathan has deepened the trust deficit by his lack of coherence especially in this Boko Haram times. He needs help to explain himself in an intellectual manner. So much assumptions, Nigerians need the details with a show of courage.