Unpaid Goon of the Cabal

The Cabal and its kindred in government houses will always be among us. Either they lurk with greasy palms around Apapa Jetty or they sit in decrepit office in Abuja Pensions Offices watching over their mansions.  Didn’t we see legislators overseeing and benefiting from SEC funds at a go? Or Saint Farouk denying his voice and turning $620,000 in a needle?

On January 1  2012, President Jonathan struck the matchbox tossing the flame into an gaseous enclave. Rage was the word. It’s been a while the ‘aluta spirit’ that defies restraint possessed me. I ran into the streets protesting this brazen fraud. Caught in the excitement, morphing into angst against an ineffectual government, ‘we the protesters’ were absent at the negotiating table. NLC and TUC showed no hope resided in their yard. Like a movie already seen, they brought the mid-way solutions. The President in series of speeches  postured like a thespian with cosmetic measures that cured no ailment of sleaze.

But the pall of sadness over the wanton corruption tipped with the massive floods that displaced thousands, Aluu4, Dana Crash, Mubi Killings, scores of bombing in Yobe and Borno crisis. While the rich and famous took delivery of private jets, we woke up to a nation struggling to keep its seam in a stitch. With the Governors’ fold now suffering crisis, the affliction lands in the camp of our leaders.

For London, it was the year to bask in her ancient glory. The Olympics was rendered in magnificence but Nigerian athletes except the now revered paralympians  came home empty. Andy Murray will look back with his Grand Slam & Olympic medals and beam smiles. Lance Armstrong will behold his fall in same year and probably give a deep sigh. Chelsea will relish a year the Champions League triumph ended an era of ageing squad. Man City saved by ‘Fergie Time’ won’t forget 2012 quickly. The Spanish in their economic woes played captivating football to keep the European football crown. The Facebook IPO, fall of Zynga and Groupon, failure of Apple maps and launch of new tech gizmos are highlights of the space. In Nigeria the e-commerce war has begun with Jumia and Konga leading the chase.  

Obama will also stride in smiles after securing another  four year term while the Republican base remain rattled with  shifting demographics . The squash game between the bankers and Western government still tosses Greece and Spain around. The world in a mild recovery was dragged down the pitfalls of a faulty European economic zone.  China shuffled its leadership pack and also keenly watched its frosty relationship with Japan.

2012 would actually take more than a page in my biography. In my personal space, the last time I had a defining year like 2012 was five years ago when I proudly organized the UNAAB ICT Conference. Not because I found another employer, I just cleared a  new pathway that tickles my spine.  Listing the awards and global itinerary might come with a brush of pride but I am most grateful to the forces of history propelling me.

I kept thinking that day I decided to finally quit my job in the bank.  I dropped my id card. I signed the exit forms.  I faced the Samuel Asabia building and took a bow.  It was a defining moment to marvel at how the height of my passion has transformed  to running into untested waters. BudgIT, my double helix of civic awesomeness, like a new guitar rocks my life. Sadly, I could not publish my collections of stories. I didn’t write as I would have loved.  I didn’t read as much as I did.

2012 has ended. My President has gotten N161bn for stabilize fuel in festive period. Yet I still queue to buy at N110 per litre. It’s been another bazaar of committees, Diezani is firm on the throne, the fraudsters chuckle in court and the charade is now dressed in SURE-P.  Cursed for its sleazy ways in January, the cabal now have a temporary reprieve almost blowing into a last laugh.  In this scorched sun queuing for December fuel, I try to remember differently. While I trekked miles to Ojota in January, I could have been the unpaid goon of the cabal protecting their interests and their friends in power .






Influence : God

Friend of the Year: Joseph Agunbiade

New Friend of the Year: Moshey 

Book of  the Year : The Big Short by Michael Lewis

Facebook Friend of the Year: Babawale  Oluwabiyi

Tweep of the Year: @oniyiabiri

Person of the Year: Obiageli Ezekwesili

Happiest Day of the Year: 19/05/2012 – Chelsea won the Champions League

Saddest day of the Year:  Ogunyemi Bankole Taiwo’s death 

Song of the Year:  Outside by Tuface Idibia


3 thoughts on “Unpaid Goon of the Cabal

  1. Great prose here Seun. And your points on the issues at stake in Nigeria are well enumerated, Albeit with a touch of humor.

    Another truth is that the problems we face as a nation are legion and perhaps one of the questions a sane person would ask is, ‘Where do we begin the clean up?’

    Jonathan and the gang have questions to answer from Nigerians. The Economist of London recently ranked 80 countries across the globe to identify which countries would be the best & worst places for a baby to be born in 2013. Switzerland came first and Nigeria placed last on that list. In its article, the magazine proceeds to state Nigeria is the worst place to be born as a baby in the world in 2013.

    If the Presidential media aides come across this information they are bound to dismiss it as mere speculation. But The Economist is not a frivolous magazine. This ranking may yet turn out to be wrong, but it clearly indicates the image which Nigeria has developed internationally.

    Congrats on your personal achievements in 2012. In 2013, more feathers will be added to your cap.

    Happy New Year!!!

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