28. Dominoes in Pleasant Places

Last year, I stood in front of a massive congress in Helsinki speaking about BudgIT –  the startup that sends a rush to my head and makes the account officer have a “crush”. It wasn’t a moment of epiphany, BudgIT movement was just about to go full blast.  I was exiting the bank to a curious world of budget transparency and I knew it will be life like a loaded gun. The trigger has to be faulty.  Days when I peered at my boss in First Bank before I sneaked that tweet was over.  I will be polluting their stream hoping someone gets a reason government finances is not a tough crossword puzzle. That how government finances work can leave the posh palaces of the analyst to the factory floor of young people who earnestly deserve change.

But change can be swift as I have experienced between the 27th and 28th birthday celebrations of my life. Once a banker, you thought I had money?  I was broke mehn. You can extract testimonies from my live-in friends.  Put funds on experiments to save the earth (Green Acs), bragging with an EOD bought with dual bank debts, I was at the crash  gate. I could not go lower. To quit the bank won’t  make it worse, I was launching into my full measure of happiness.

It was tough at the beginning. However, there was only one way to go – forward.  Finally, it was freedom, a gust of wind and it was the kind you get when you toil all night. It is of  a face soaked in hope finally finding his place under the sun.

I just want to do things better and  shine light in corners less understood. I am humbled that my kernel were cracked by gentle spirits and also grateful that I am the steward  of an idea who time has come. Someone else would have done BudgIT but bathing in the Zeitgeist,  here am I living my true calling. I keep thinking civic education, the liberation of minds sold to narrow narrative of a thieving elite is the way. We shall surely get there as long as we don’t wait for the rush but  gather into a whole, the trickle from the tap.

The special mention this year will go to my former employers – First Bank of Nigeria. Though, I wasn’t promoted in 3.33 years of working  with the “elephant”, the knowledge I gleaned was timeless and  those nifty skills work for me still. I want to thank my God Almighty, family, friends and you who won’t stop believing in me. You say I’m 28 and still single? I will be proposing soon when her “Yes” deafens me. We can then both giggle in an echo chamber . Life like the full 28 dominoes taken off the pack, stacked on each other, it is falling in pleasant places.