2013: The Unfinished Sketch

For he was [waiting expectantly and confidently] looking forward to the city which hasfixed and firm foundations, whose Architect and Builder is God. Hebrews 11:10 AMP

I want my place under the sun but that won’t come in  the camp of the undecided, who sit on the fence of passiveness. One must come to the construction site of life, watch the Master mount the bullet-proof bricks. It was about me peering at His sketch, which gradually unravels the ongoing city I am forever living in. If 2012 was the rise of the euphoria with the awards and recognitions with the effort of BudgIT, 2013 was about focusing on what I thought was the “The Big Thing That Matters”.

The Big Thing. That I can’t do this alone and I will need capable hands to join me is obvious.  These co-workers in the civic minefield ridden with apathy and institutional belligerence will need to be paid asc ovenanted. BudgIT can’t function on empty account balance with deafening echoes nor with piecemeal handed over by the lifelong bosses at Co-Creation Hub. It was the “big deal”. The Cash Nexus. The oxygen of the enterprise. The oxygen, felt but not seen, brought by the Master, to keep us breathing.

In 2013, I stood on a city whose Architect and Builder is God, discovering each day this dazzling fortress is all I ever wanted. I am still gazing at that unfinished city in my overalls, plastic cap, rubber boots and work tools, observing the Master mount the bricks with riveting patterns.  I won’t belong to the camp whose narrative is to shove 2013 away in pit telling it to quicken its rot, I will rather be grateful to live this amazing year that has left me in the awe of God’s perfection of both design and creation.

I have not yet reached that moment of epiphany when the ceiling is broken and one can only mount the ladder backwards. I mean “we”are still rising because “the work of a change-maker is never done”. There are still unfinished battles in the line of my present calling to raise active citizens to make sure public budgets deliver quality and efficient service.

2013 will make one think of Kenya’s shopping mall siege, Boston bombing as athletes raced to finish the line, the transition of Nelson Mandela, the intellectual fisticuffs in the US Congress, the humane spirit of Pope Francis, the uncontrolled leaks of Edward Snowden, the legendary bow of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford and many others that won’t fill this space. If look at the Nigeria – the patchwork of the British about to clock the centenary -, you will see politics in red-hot coal. Politicians, stock of thes ame root, are in a tug of war pulling themselves over to their turf. APC – change – is a living parable of a dog and its vomit. Excess Crude Account spiraled down, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala repented on the recurrent-capital mix, NNPC opaque structure gets iron cast, power sector oligarchs emerge, Stella Oduah can’t ride the 255m BMW in peace, the Oga-the-Top & Go-and –Die comedy shows. As expected in a year, it was spellbinding intrigues and I am happy to live it.

When I look into the rear, what were those secret wishes of mine that can’t fathom in the mesmeric design of my Master? I am exhausted of Indomie girl at dusk waiting for me to pay my toll for another supper. Tired to leave the emptiness of bed to fit myself into the sofa. I relish waking up each other with a mild hit, telling her “Dearie, the sun is up again”.

I mean when I see lovebirds hang together in the midst of somersaulting butterflies, I leap within my spirit, this is the Big Thing that matters. I mean reading Olusola Fasan write “Walking that aisle to meet you (her hubby) was a long awaited dream! And I’ve enjoyed every part of that dream so far”. I mean those who are not in the awe of the new funding round for their startup nor excited by the Donor’s payment that energizes the city. They are happy because they found love and love found them.

Goodbye 2013, your task was well done.

Influence : God

Friend of the Year: Seun Fakuade (a co-worker in the civic space)

New Friend of the Year: Segun Adeniyi (Amazing talent that builds our infographics)

Book of  the Year : King Leopold’s Ghost (an account of the Belgian King inhumane acts)

Facebook Friend of the Year: Olumide Idowu (for tirelessly liking my Facebook posts)

Tweep of the Year: @DoubleEph (His analysis holds me spellbound even with 3,000 word essay)

Person of the Year: Olusegun Dada (Great promise. Great work on the state budgets)

Happiest Moment of the Year: BudgIT’s first major grant by OSIWA

Saddest day of the Year: Things happened for us not to us.

Song of the Year:  Jesus Be The Center – Israel Houghton


I have decided to take out the last paragraph of this note. I grossly misrepresented issues which I deeply regret. I am in a relationship with a lady that I love -Dolapo-  and I wish the best of things to come in accordance to God’s will. I met her on June 26th, 2013 and I have taken lifelong lessons on how to be a man, father and husband. Everyday, I find I lack huge skills with out casual and transactional mindset to marriage. God bless her for enduring my missteps. 2013 was not complete without her. I feel a swarm of butterflies around me. 

5 thoughts on “2013: The Unfinished Sketch

  1. Awwwwh am glad you found a beautiful reason to take out the last paragraph. The feeling is more than butterflies, it’s the whole zoo…
    Great one bro

  2. you have it with words, dont take hard on yourself, getting better by the day than that first compilation after service year.

    Marriage is a daily school.

    David God bless you.

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