3 Things I Unlearned

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1. Be Your Own Boss

Honestly, whoever told you that you should leave your “9 to 5” job and become your boss, lied. We have these “invite-bait” events with large headline “QUIT YOUR JOB, BE YOUR BOSS”. Let me tell you that entrepreneurs have bosses too. I mean you don’t like that attitude of your boss and you think the easiest route is to begin your own, what wrong step! I have learnt that “Anybody who brings income and goodwill is the Boss”.

Whoever keeps you awake, keeps you rethinking the product or requests service from you is your boss. So if it’s all about being your boss, don’t quit because for the venture capitalist, bank officer that gave the loan or donor organization who will invest in you, you have to answer to them. They are the Bosses.

2. I need more time

When I was in the bank, I thought I worked too much for the pay.

“I just need more time to do my thing. I will wake up late and close early on my own terms.” I said to myself.

Everyone thinks they need their time but an entrepreneur who wants to keep the company going does more work and has less time. With deadlines looming, I just have to ship results for the stakeholders. It does not matter if it’s a Saturday, Sunday or while I am waiting to catch another flight, I just have to open that laptop and send that mail. I keep a tight calendar, make few calls to family and friends who have accepted me as I am. Relationship? I just forget that someone is out there who wants to hear my voice. Work just takes the way ahead. Honestly, I don’t like work but what must be done must be done. Tiring? Please think about it before you quit. I am currently seeking help.

3. Nobody controls me

Now I feel you scream when your boss calls and demands deadline. If you feel he is demanding results, I will say keep calm because entrepreneurship demands more discipline than that. I see the entire workplace as an opportunity to learn and pick the pieces of value creation together. In fact, entrepreneurship demands more discipline that you ever think unless you want to burn your goodwill. Someone will still be on your neck for what you have committed to or you have been paid for. That person earlier referred to as your “BOSS” is in control. If you dont care, be ready to close shop

The joy of entrepreneurship is in creating value and that pushes one on and on. That’s why you should do it, not because it the easy road paved with gold but because it demands more and more but therein lies the happiness.


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