2014 Note: Disappearing




Where are the Chibok Girls? Where are they lined with us as we gaze into the new year? Where are their shinning faces relieved from the torment after the hasty steps of government?

Where is my father? Shut down his eyes to the world stood still as life crept out. When are the passengers of Malaysian Airlines that disappeared early in the year? Where are the countless persons killed by the terrorists and the late applicants who wrote immigration exams? The lives lost to Ebola Outbreak; the ones killed by ISIS; the ones who strode in their prime but disappeared suddenly at the alternate realm.

To look back after the loss of our patriarch is to personalize the grief that comes after the death of a loved one. Countless people faced this moment, taking in punctuation at the temporal sojourn of man within this space. I have decided to write too little about 2014 as it will keep wrapping round the blanket of grief of my late father.

2014 disappears with a lot of people, hopes, fears and promises. To keep one’s breath is an attestation of Grace. I take solace in the continuous work of God in my exploits, His showered Grace on BudgIT and his firm hold on my family. There are too few words. I look forward to a 2015 with loud laughter when the stakes are strengthened, the tents are larger and also a year, that your good man finds a good lady and does the right thing, the altar.

Influence : God

Friend of the Year: Mariam Edun (for her good work in managing BudgIT finances)

New Friend of the Year: Adenike Ayaoba (the coolest buddy in the world who wakes me up with amazing pieces)

Book of  the Year : The Natural History of Innovation by Stephen Johnson

Facebook Friend of the Year: Chris Ogunlowo (for the beautiful articles that we shared in Pocket)

Tweep of the Year: @ChubaEzeks (His good work on Naijanomics and also the good knowledge shared)

Person of the Year: BringBackOurGirls Family (Tireless work at the expense of comfort and vocation on BringBackOurGirls

Happiest Moment of the Year: Omidyar Network committment of $400,000 to BudgIT

Saddest day of the Year: May 14, 2014. Dad passed away.

Song of the Year:  The One That Never Comes – Asa




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