8. Deception

Gbogbo ohun tó ńdán kọ́ ni wúrà.

Not all that glitters is gold.

August 29 2010

I thought I was a Lagosian. Today ,I realised I am still a native of Ogbomoso. I left my shirtmaker in Tinubu Square on my way home. I watched Muslims pray in unison with the spirit of Ramadan hovering in the air. I wanted to take a bike but after haggling with motorcycle operator , I decided to take a walk. As I left the central mosque down the Idumota street to ascend the bridge, I saw a bus in front of me open at both ends. It was labelled J. IWEKA ELECTRONICS GOVERNMENT APPROVED.

“Oga you can win fridge, iron ,electronics” he spoke to me I refused to answer him.

The well dressed guy wearing an ID card waved a ticket at me.

“Look at my bus, It is government approved, Fashola”

“Just choose seven numbers and u can win this omo aye

While I hesitated, a guy chose seven numbers quickly.

He was immediately given an electric iron.

“He won OMG”

“So easy,I saw standing fan, electric kettle and other prizes in the van”

I began to imagine.

“Maybe a fan, an electric iron”

I decided to choose seven numbers.

I knew I wasn’t lucky with lottery but this is free.

“Oga the lucky number is 9, you have won, standing fan”

Standing fan where would I place it in my cluttered room , a million thoughts raced in my heart.

“You will need 500 naira to collect the prize or we buy it from you for 2000 naira” he spoke.

I searched my pocket. I only had 310 naira on me. No ATM card.

“Oga I have only 310 on me” I handed over the money forgetting I needed transport fare back home.

“This is all you have abi”

“Where are you going” 


He gave me back 110 naira and he turned away his face. He looked for another victim.

“Hello my 200 naira “ I shouted mildly.

He whistled and before I knew it three heavy men gathered around me.

They showed me the way home. The route I had forgotten. My mouth was open . Saliva dripped from my mouth. It was solemn and easy. I had just been duped.

“Palmgrove Onipan ” a conductor screamed.

I hopped in as the boys burst into laughter.

“This is Lagos” I screamed within me

  Earlier published in 2010 on Naija Stories. 


2 thoughts on “8. Deception

  1. This happened to me at the same place 2 years ago. But I was fortunate to be with a friend but unfortanate that we were both duped the same way. Looool

  2. This’s true life story indeed. sincerely speaking it has happened to me before, i experienced it this January at lagos around Obalende Area. I was deceived with the enormous gift in the van and i was told is approved by Lagos state govt and the activities will be broadcast on TV. After i picked lucky nos i was told i won small tiger generator that i need to redeem the price with 2,000, that’s how i fell victim. I begged to retrieve part of the money since is part of my transport fare instead this guys waged war against me, what surprised me most is Policemen were near-bye and they are aware of the evil deed they are doing but they cant stop them since they have their quota in the fund they generate at the spot. That’s how my face were opened after the broad day light robbery. What a bitter experience! has yoruba proverb say “ENI BA WA IFA WA OFO” The person that look for free things get wasted on the line. Lagos life no be SERESERE.

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