18. Awimayehun

Man has always overrated himself, taking everything around him too casual. The air he breathes, the food he eats, the water he drinks. Like he wakes up daily, mumbles few words and that’s like the norm.

We don’t introspect enough. We blaze on using the word ‘I’ like we can add a second to our breath. I did this. I did that. I look back in gratitude and nothing but gratitude. 

Like who am I to have found mercy in sure magnitude? The scientists using the Big Bang theory have been trying to estimate when the earth started. They estimated 3.8 billion years ago, that can’t even stand much scrutiny. Man still searching the deepest mysteries can’t fathom the beginning and even the end. Baba mi, the Beginning and the End.

We live in the world, we control too little. The mysteries are still steeped in ages. Like in this small minuscule is what we bask and glorify in. Like a particle in the midst of giants, that’s how we stand. 

I stand not to overrate everything I could have said its mine. I’m here with a grateful heart to thank my Lord and Master, the one who owns me. The One who has the power to keep me steady till His glorious appearing.

Man wishes to be ripe, to reap the joy of living. And I know who did this three decades of awesomeness can surely triple my days with vitality and greater heights. 

I affirm His grace and mercy today. 

Emi erupe lasan to se logo. My Awimayehun, Asoromatase, Alewilese
May we live a life that counts, enjoy the fruits of ripeness and wake up in the glorious ballrooms of His splendour. 

Thank you for your kind wishes.

We have 12 more posts to go. 


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