19. Obiageli EZEKWESILI 

“Aunty Oby” has most people will call her does not refer to me just as her son. I mean not just a title but really a son. When we have a discussion, she calls her biological sons, my brothers. A honor I am so grateful to have. Ask Chude, Adebola Williams, Seun Fakuade, Omojuwa and many more, she keeps that relationship steady between us. Mother and son.

How I have come to meet Aunty Oby can be about two things – Oluwa is involved, a thirst for data driven factual discussions which we carve with BudgIT. She came across very early to appreciate what we do. She gets it clearly the vision from the start that in the midst of the chatter on Twitter, someone has to be pressing hard the facts. That we can only have discussion on the scale of facts and not just our biased sentiments.

I have lived in her house not a tenant but truly as member of the household, taken part in those morning prayer sessions that last for two hours. I have found in her a complete child of God. I can say that clearly anywhere. She is a true Christian who fully puts one’s life on that Biblical scale.

I am talking of someone I am ever grateful to not because of the immense support or mentorship she has given me. She has set a marker in me. A marker to be honest. A marker that I can’t afford to disappoint. 

 To take a walk with corruption or hear my name synonymous with plundering public treasury, God forbid. Like it leaves a heavy stone in my chest, to ever try to imagine things she won’t be proud of. 

I am always taking this forward. I have scaled an hurdle where I rejected a government contract that I felt it was too messy to dive because my spirit won’t give way to disappoint God, family and Obiageli Ezekwesili. 

This solemn covenant I carry in me. I can’t afford to screw up and thay why everything  noble she calls me for –  work takes a pause, sleep takes a walk, my brain cells are in full stream because she keeps setting one standard in me. A life of honesty. 

Even Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. May God keep her steady on this glorious journey now that she has taken a higher calling – a Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. 


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