21. Green Acts,Sunkanmi & Oluwaniyi

The entry wing into the Wimbledon Center Court reads instructive lines from Rudyard Kipling’s “IF”stating:

 “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, And treat those two impostors just the same; “

Like if every your head won’t swell so much at success to create space for improvement and you will persevere  through failure, then the road ahead is so glorious. 

Things have also not looked everyday smooth since we set on this sail. Windbreaks, typhoons and shipwreck are part of the voyage. There will always be those punctuations that one feel hopes are waning and almost lost. There are grant applications that I did not win, fellowship applications I lost out, competition that failed but truly “we Triumph still”.

Before I started BudgIT, I had run two ventures – Vision Plus Network and Green Acts. While I can excuse Vision Plus for being a vehicle to organize the UNAAB ICT event, I can’t same of Green Acts. I failed to leap it out. Friends like Olumide Climate, Esther Agbarakwe and even close cousins – Opeoluwa and Adeoluwa – still ask about Green Acts. 

Recently, I stumbled on the piece I had written about climate change, sustainability and others. That the time is ticking and man needs to stop treating the environment like another heap. That we need move fast and this whole environment will come crashing. I bought books on this, read a lot, appeared on TV and even relatively spent a fortune. 

Green Acts was an idea that came out from a conversation while in NYSC camp with Oluwaniyi Tioluloye. A quiet and deep thinker with passion for the environment. He was my biggest pal during NYSC. If you add Pastor Gabriel of Benson Idahosa University, the story will be nearly complete. 

Sunkanmi, a colleague in Loyola College, joined us on this route. I was delighted to this, with high pumps of zeal. Immediately, I got my leave allowance in FBN in 2010, I quickly invested it in developing the brochure. We had an advisory board  that helped in bringing new ideas. It was led by Elizabeth Moses, amazing person I met online.

I remembered Sunkanmi and I spent of time designing a booklet to share our ideas. We walked around Victoria Island trying to sell corporate sustainability and caring for the environment. 

We thought it should leap. Climate change, sustainability, green energy and the rest should strike people’s interest. We had this inaugural event in 2010. It was amazing what we did.

However, it still did not get the traction as the climate change talks started to bore me with the global politics and based on a sidetalks with Tobi Oluwatola in church, I questioned “Is this really the conversation that Nigeria needs?” Climate change?

May be the time is not right. Maybe we didn’t have deep expertise. Maybe the market was not ready. Maybe our message communicated fear rather than a potential for innovation but I know we did not work it out. We did not sweat it enough.Edit

One thing I keep saying to such stumbling moments : The journey is greater than the destination. The lessons along the way are truly the spice of life.
We kept trying, till we allowed it hibernate and quietly pale out. Oluwaniyi tried to jolt it backup life in 2012. I was lost into BudgIT but I still believe. Green Acts will be back. 

Who says we can’t try if we fail? As long as we take the lessons and apply them. I still believe but I can say I am proud of what we did. 


One thought on “21. Green Acts,Sunkanmi & Oluwaniyi

  1. Thank you brother for the mention; yes we could have done more, but indeed we can be proud for what we did achieve…. And should you be ready to start the journey again, applying the lessons from triumphs and failures past, I am ever ready to be enlisted..

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