22. Siblings

We were called Seun, Seye, Sayo and Seyi, a cool order of seniority.  Like the shortened versions of our names start with “S”. Sometimes, our mum  calls us in full before she decides whose  attention, she actually wants.

My Dad lost his job in 1996 and I had to return to Ibadan after he could not afford the prime secondary school I attended in Lagos. When I returned back to Ibadan to start my JSS2 in Loyola College, I found out that my younger brother was quietly growing taller and could surpass me in height, wow, in the end, he finally did. I thought this was a function of not eating well enough so I tried to rig the game but my effort was fruitless.

When the food was ready, I was always called to share the food. Now, I was the one that would share the food and after distributing it into three places, I am also the first person to take my share. You can say that’s some sort of conflict of interest or maybe we say it has been a while that goats have been eating yams.

After sharing the food, I still find it hard to choose. Like I will be weighing the food with my hand to ensure which one was more than the others. I have to make a choice.

It was an interesting spectacle growing up with my siblings. Honestly, I was the most troublesome one, giving my mum sleepless nights. I was also the most punished among the four kids because there is never time my siblings go wrong that I won’t get a small slice of the cane.

Being the first born, my parents had set forth the power of an example marker. I have to get it right. Those ahead of us got it right. Thankfully, they all got it right. But they kept me lazy. While I charged on those days for learning, they were the ones doing dishes, making lunch, getting everything squared. Till today, its been a long time I sat down in kitchen to make food. The last time I tried I was looking around for matches to ignite the gas cooker. I did not even know that the gas cooker I bought does not even need matches, the flame comes on automatically.

These ones spoilt me little. They brought food for me in the University, still ensure I get up to four pieces of meat when I visit Ibadan, they just let me live this champagne life on a red carpet.

When I resigned from First Bank, there was a bit of worry in the family that my brother and I were both jobless. In the early days of BudgIT when serious ‘owu was blowing’, he stood like a brother. I felt he would have complained that Egbon

“Do you think this risk is worth it”

He was an unpaid employee giving his all to our dream. He has his own dream and he is finding it now as an IFRS specialist. I have seen Seye as the more calm, precise to decisions and ready to help person. Sometimes, I wish I had same quality with my randomness. Folasayo is a data analyst with our research team. She is mostly quiet. I have known her to be that way but once angry she comes so forceful but that in itself delights us. Everyone says Seyi looks and acts more like me. Troublesome and daring at every point but in that we found completion.

I have to thank these ones I am grateful to God to have as a family. I have two step brothers and interestingly my Dad decided in his way to continue the pattern. He named them Seeni and Shola.

May we find purpose in life and God, may our lives continue to shine and be the best of examples to all men. I have nothing but gratitude to these ones. 

They affirm to me that “family is everything”, exuding love without measure. I have keep trying my best to be good to them but nothing seems exciting that they are finding happiness and have not let me down in choosing his blooming lives. 


One thought on “22. Siblings

  1. “Sometimes, our parents call us in full before she decides whose attention, she actually wants.”

    My parents too do this… Peeeluuummiiii. And it’s Bukunmi they actually wants to call.

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