25. Oluwaseun

The journey to find one’s spouse is actually  that of self discovery. I will be married soon but to take that leap, I had to surrender my will to God, allow him take the lead and myself a passenger on that journey. To be very sober, I might be the most terrible person to date. 

The woman I am getting married too – Oluwaseun Agbelusi – didn’t happen by chance. Like we both write with left, attended same University, attend same Church and bear the same first name. Now that might seem using coincidence to assume that this is the right choice but I don’t accept this happened by tossing a dice. 

When it comes to love, I was left cold and a bit damaged after leaving  University. I am the type that likes the hippie and creamy girls of the school. The ones everyone swoons on and flutter around like flies. Back in the days, check out my toolkit to date a high-flying girl.

  There was no car, no brand new jerseys or designer clothes, can’t afford the expensive clubs.I don’t roll with the prime Tickles or G-men club or others that run the campus with parties. Now add my skinny frame and nearly burnt face, I might not be that guy. 

What a life. I am the kind who just won’t settle for less, like date a mannered sister, I wanted the prime klieg lights. 

 I was once faced a situation, a lady I was in thrall of called me to a lonely corridor and said 
‘There is nothing you can say that can make me say yes to you’ 

That’s was a dagger. Others I tried gradually started liking, created a situation that I looked like a nuisance. I had to back down. 

When it comes to accepting me, I hardly persevere. I mean my love for you is like a deal, you either take it or leave it. I think if she truly admires you, it does not take that long and we did not come to University to love. We are here to read. 

But getting out of University, created a new image of me. Proper and ‘rich’ guy. I had three girlfriends in-between. Wow. 

Most of the challenge has to do with me. 

Not being romantic, suspicious this is not love, money is the trigger. Like I needed this love badly, where were you people?  Not just romantic enough, a workaholic not giving attention enough, it kept falling like a pack of cards.

In the midst of taking those chances, I met Oluwaseun online. We casually talked, we shared thought also casually. I was always curious if she was seeing anyone & she minded if I was seeing anyone. Then we kept conversation open and we thought of even arranging evenings together early 2015. 

Then my eyes opened, like I had an electric train running in my  head.  I had that feeling. This is truly my journey. This is the road back to myself because without strife, with ease, with divine bliss, maternal blessings, I discovered the completion to my being – Oluwaseun.


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