28. The God’s Generals

Moyin Olorun Alagbara,

Olorun Babalola,

Moyin Olorun Alagbara,

Olorun Abiara,

Moyin Olorun Alagbara,

Olorun Abanigberundori,

Any member of CAC Agbala ITURA, the church were I spent the most of my formative years will understand where this song comes from. It provokes thoughts and illuminates my mind on the glorious work of Pastor S.O Folahan. Pastor Folahan was that man of God will clarity on his vision for both the aged and the young. When he hits the pulpit and ready to render the message or minister, that’s the entry song. The church would erupt with spoken tongues and prayers won’t cease.

Though we were Baptist from the scratch, I have grew into CAC Agbala Itura, taking in my full lessons of faith. The church has a vibrant youth system that we grew graduated into. It was easy and seamless. I later joined the Children Teachers Society. I loved teaching children in Church. I believe we see ourselves better if we learn things like child. My love for God and the church has been stirred since. Pastor Folahan died in 2002, very shocking. The Church was shaken but stands still. With Baba Abiara, Pastor Olaiya ( amazing teacher of the Word), Pastor Akinpelu, Pastor Tayo and many others.

Tunde Bakare. That’s how to spike the rebel in me. What a preacher and a man of God. Right from the University days, Mr Femi, Gboye and Dare Elusakin will stay by the window just so that that we can hear him clearly from Eko Fm. I always respect him because I see him not afraid to talk on the social issues in the society. He had that message for the activist in me.

Pastor Poju deserves a great mention in this walk of life. A lot of thanks to Sunkanmi Agbomeji for bringing me here. Wow. What a man of God. Every word is cherished and I look back in gratitude. I have always said quietly that if you can’t attend this church and your life fails to change in a year, then you might need a personal check. There is a stirring that comes in my spirit.

I have been held steady by the Church and from our early days in Baptist, my times in NIFES, Anglican Church, Benson Idahosa University with the legendary Pastor Gabriel, the Church has been a family.

The hospital is for the sick and the Church is also meant for those needing that steady journey with God. I have seen the Church that way – the gathering where we find comfort and remain steady for His glorious appearing.  The saints will only gather after the sound of the trumpet.

I am happy that with the  joy found in the gathering, the support of the leaders and the revelation of the Word brought me this far. I also struggle with the materialism in church space, certain issue masking as idolatry but we carve it in Christianity but I have seen the real stuff. The miraculous healing of my mum in 2009 strengthened my faith in a big way.

My first Bible was a Yoruba bible, given to me at 10 as a gift from my Dad. I looked at it again and I wrote these words there:

“This book will keep you away from sin or sin will with keep you away from it”

Those were true words of John Bunyan. I want to live more than the Word. Not a man’s word, His Word.


One thought on “28. The God’s Generals

  1. hmm short of word but believe me their is power in the word of GOD, Because only GOD knows all thing. it really nice to read this believe me i pray thee u gonna make it well just as i also wish my self high every day by day even tho i bare a Muslim name wish has nothing to do with my success in Christ Jesus. but as for me and my family will believe in d word of GOD through JESUS. hmmm MR OLUSEUN ONIGBINDE KEEP MOVING HIGHER.

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