30. The RoadĀ 

The road will never swallow you. The river of your destiny will always overcome evil. May you understand your fate…….

This is the final post of the series, the 30th post. The road from here is the Road. The road has always been ahead of us. We travel miles in our rooms, flying at high in sky above the clouds. We are on the road to sing, to laugh, to grief and find success. Our life on the road needs us to keep our eyes squared. To be our eyes squared is discipline. Life itself is a test of discipline, to keep within limits of ones space. 

To be a rebel, a cheat, to cut corners, to have a sexual fantasy, cloaked in secrets – that is the daily temptation hovering over us. Restraint must hold us till we can stay in place and fulfil destiny. 

I have been on the journey, this journey of known destination. A destination of immortality, to see that we can be more than dust and generations to come can hear our names and find a glorious mark to exceed. 

I have found the road, taking mile by mile, finding conquests and windbreakers, pulling my anchor firm this I reach the shore. I find amazing travelers on this road finding their spaces of happiness.

Thank you the Onigbindes, Oyeniyis, Adejolas, Joseph Amenaghawon, Sade Ajala, Dolapo, Kola Egbeyemi, Seun Oladapo, Kola Kelani, Yemi Adamolekun, Mariam Edun, Gbenga GIWA, Mrs Alatishe, Abiola AFOLABI,Niyi Agunloye , bosses,mentors and friends and all those who coped with my imperfections. Thank you those who On my with bowls of praise finding delight in the glorious work.

 I am thankful to them for their bounty of kindness, for leading me on. The amazing people have been good to me and I am happy to be on this journey with them. We will all fall off at a point, giving way for those behind to leap ahead. 

I am happy on this Road, it found me, I am bathing in the Zeitgeist. This is the world conspiring with Grace of the Almighty working for me. I will keep pressing on, to be a good man to his community,  family and friends. Here is to many years ahead to the 70s and 80s lived in sound health and enduring purpose. 

That you so much for reading. The 30 posts, though full of errors, you read in pain just to be part of my story. These are true stories, of my life, a few are incomplete, a few can’t be told. Here are years ahead to wax more interesting narratives found on this journey. Thank you.

This is my beautiful prayer for you:
…….Suffering will never destroy you, but will make you stronger. Success will never confuse you or scatter your spirit, but will make you fly into the good sunlight. Your life will always surprise you”

Ben Okri


29. Joseph Agunbiade and the missionariesĀ 

An ongoing discourse is that when it comes to seeding a company, it is wise to find a partner.  Microsoft, Google, Apple have taken this patterns why not BudgIT?

Coming up with the BudgIT would always need that early belief. I don’t write codes or programs. I am just the budget guy who needs a tech partner. Joseph came late to that hackathon and I didn’t see that we would have gone that far. But as a co-founder of BudgIT, we went far. We still going further. 

After sharing the BudgIT prize money after the hackathon , I just thought we would rest this. Time and time again, Joseph proved to be that support. How many developers were out there who could see the vision? Maybe it did not glow in his face like mine nor took hold of him like being possessed of a thousand demons but Joseph saw it too. He saw the vision when we offered the black screen with tiny circles as our first website.

I would sleep in his house.  I would eat his food, fight then we make up like two lovers without an exit door. I always wanted it fast, believing his fingers must do the magic. Time and time, I would sulk like a baby but we kept it on.

We had it all, the naivety of the start, the highs, lows and valleys of doubt but as thing moved on we found our spaces, our happiness. He knew I had one obsession, it was BudgIT. I can’t but thank Sunkanmi Agbomeji, Jibola that made a sketch and suggested an idea while this was finding form.

On the day of my Dad’s funeral, BudgIT website was briefly down and I stumbled on it. Despite the burden of grief, I still looked at him with anger and screamed while we journeyed back home. 

“Can Google be down, so why is BudgIT down?”

Every man has got his madness and it was that extreme because running  a business like is taking your breath, you want don’t want to lose it. 

As we go on and as I have found that when you start an entity, you worry about capital to keep it afloat. Finding a repeated product pattern and value proposition will keep the product going but what really is the bigger worry is truly the PEOPLE, the missionaries, in the journey of the enterprise.

I begin to learn clearly why organizations have human resource departments because to truly what makes an organization tick, check the people, check the organizational culture. 

That for me is the constant worry – how do I lead a mission-driven team not mercenaries? That’s why hiring wrongly has to be the biggest scare of an entrepreneur. How do we keep delivering exceptional value, learning fast, failing faster and innovating for the citizens? That’s a puzzle that I mull over daily.

It is already greying me gradually with tiny white patches in my hair. It makes me nag when you take a sit at BudgIT and watch how I scream from desk to desk.