2016 Review Note: The trimuph of the underdog

Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Liston

Source: Getty Images

You might have seen the picture above and  assume this was one of those fantastic nights of Muhammad Ali, who after receiving multiple blows, stung his opponent, like a bee. If we can’t properly imagine the biblical upset when David flung a stone to the Goliath’s forehead, this picture is a close analogy. This is Ali’s major fight after proving himself at the Olympics and no one imagined a loquacious 22-year old would throw out  heavyweight champion on the canvas  in six rounds. The underdog prevailed.

In 2015, Leicester were hinging close to the top, it was dismissed that they would go cold in late winter. Leicester shamed the overpaid ballers, winning the Premier League. If that was not terrifying, right across the Atlantic, Chicago Cubs won the World Series after 108 years. Jonathan Schooling, a school boy fan of Michael Phelps, in eight years, went ahead to beat the same Michael Phelps in an Olympic swimming final. How did that happen?

The double whammy that left the earth nearly losing its tilt have been Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. I was addicted to fivethirtyeight, watching the polls ring the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. What a morning, New York Times was predicting a 90% chance of a Trump Presidency. Most of the polls put forward the “Remain” vote but the swing went to those want a pause to the globalized liberal march.


Pollsters final projections – New York Times, 538 & Huffington Post.  

The Nigeria politician has always looked in fit as the unquestionable, treating citizens with irritation. This is how without any restraint or push from their conscience, security funds were tossed into private accounts of politicians. Though without a well known successful prosecution, one can see the Nigerian elite, the powerful, either lost in silence in London or pleading for leniency from gaol. Saraki and Ekweremadu stood in the dock in bowed heads, Patience Jonathan talks of making her sleepless, Tinubu told to keep his cool within his Lagos perimeter and the Almighty PDP splits into factions, losing the brag that formed in its wake. The soiled lordships were not spared as the bench got ramped into the dock after a gestapo drive by dreaded DSS. Oil price was in shambles and gold,  the safe asset, nearly lost its allure as its price spiraled down.

My life amused me this year but a “black and white” world won’t leave one without pauses. It feels so good to be a father to Hannah Wuraola Onigbinde. What a bundle of joy from God through the womb of an amazing wife, Oluwaseun Agbelusi-Onigbinde. After reaping a long list of the high, low, fashionable, classy and beautiful, taking my mother-in-law was a tough one. Nigeria was tough for most people as the economy tipped into the recession and  to survive must be nothing but gratitude. 

BudgIT keeps jamming forward and  I clocked so much flight miles than I could imagine, shopping around the world looking for funding. With support from Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network, the underdog in me fought into the realm that cross a major milestone. Here is our chance to birth new ideas and take new landmarks. 

What will 2017 hold, can the underdog keep dazzling us? With Chelsea in firm control of the Premier League, Donald Trump appointing a billionaire cabinet, Saraki and Buhari are in the bromance, oil subtly  on the rise again, Ibori is out of prison, can we make another guess?  Another high along the sinusoidal curve? Is the establishment  back like it never left? In 2016, life took flight from the strong, strength disappeared from the mighty and wise second-guessed their understanding of the deep. Bookmakers, analysts, data-drunk activists and pollsters lost the plot in 2016. Data as we knew it was humbled and left a lot of introspection. 2017, we assume nothing but fully hopeful of joy.


Influence : God

Friend of the Year: Adeniyi Agunloye (he could have given up, top man, always been there)

New Friend of the Year: Baba Agba (a delightful personality, who always finds a chance to share memories)

Book of  the Year : The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma (a very sad book but every page is priceless)

Facebook Friend of the Year:  Victor Asemota (an interesting Senior Man)

Tweep of the Year: @BukkyShonibare (for reminding us everyday that there is no closure when it comes to Chibok)

Person of the Year: Yemi Kale (for your commitment to the craft & strive to be put out the data in  your courage)

Happiest Moment of the Year: April 18, 2016. (Hannah Wuraola Onigbinde appeared in beauty)

Saddest day of the Year: Burying mother-in-law.

Song of the Year:  Mama by Kiss Daniel (His album is a major milestone in music industry)

Bible Verse: Isaiah 14:27

“For the Lord of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?

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