2017 Review Note: The 731st day of 2016



My wife randomly asked me, “how will you score yourself this year?”  Somehow, I feel 2017 did not really complete the 365 days or more importantly 731 days of 2016 just happened.  In my final 2017 note to my team, I moaned that we did not complete a single new fund for BudgIT in 2017 and it was mainly on tending the past and the ongoing strive to deliver the right value for stakeholders. It happens. I accept the disappointments and I have the lessons. Stepping back from operational issues has to be one, so my last event for today was a final meeting for a new personnel with the potential to transit to Chief Operations Officer.  An organization with our kind of mission has to accept it’s beyond the person of Oluseun Onigbinde.

I did not go penniless in 2017  but a lot of missed investment decisions left me scratching my head. All that cryptocurrency surge and I could not even drop a dime in it? I  have never won a lottery and maybe this elite MMM is waiting for me, to sap my money. Even the exchange gains of the early years got me on the wrong side after a tardy approach to seize the sails.  In a very timid way, I failed to lead a huge grant proposal that we tagged along as a coalition partner, it left me with multiple complaints. My assistant, Iyanuoluwa, is tired of listening to my wailing.  I have to move on and take on the bullish mode for 2018.
But, I am grateful. Grateful to God for life, safety, provision and amazing family. I traveled less, worked to spend more time with family, for this I am grateful. I watched Hannah grow into the amazing girl that mumbles “Dandi” and now mocks me with our anthem in an uneven scream“Baby, what a baby, big baby”. My younger brother got married, you can imagine the responsibility but I am glad to shoulder it, keeping my father’s’ memories steady lightens me up. BudgIT on the steady roll with the Civic Hive Project, now the fund-raising mode for a six-storey HQ and that groundbreaking work with the State of States, I was so glad. Chelsea won the league after an uncharacteristic slump, Shooting went to relegation. 

The world accepted Donald Trump and he has taken it all with errors, infantile tweeting and throwing tantrums around the world. Buhari is still Buhari, clearly showing that if we are really honest, he doesn’t have the intelligence to run the country in this age. I hope he gets the right signal to pass over the baton in 2018. I

I am increasingly getting fed up asking for changes in government, at what point do we throw in the hat and make a plunge? Going in alone will that change anything? Didn’t lot have to excuse Sodom and Gomorrah when it was no longer habitable? What is really the way forward? The advocacy is booming and I am that guy not surprised that I need to be introduced.  The rational thing is to make BudgIT better but where is the irrational one that meets my interests that the Nigerian citizen deserves everything that equalizes opportunity. If you see my campaign poster in 2018, a dry run for a more larger interest in the year ahead, don’t be surprised. If it goes back to expanding the fold of active citizens, I take it forward that I am staying on my calling.

I want to learn three things – riding a bicycle (always ashamed and stranded in Stanford), playing the piano and swimming.  It can’t always about data, it is time to find those skills that make life diverse. I am hoping to read more, finish my book and more importantly more time with my God and family. I look forward to a year in good health for friends and family, most especially my father-in-law. I look forward to a year I conquered my mobile phone and immerse into deeper thinking.

It all seems we overvalue this moment as tomorrow (January 1) seems just like another roll of the script. Maybe I bumped in 2017 with so much euphoria of the amazing 2016, drawing up a long list. Now, I will take a step at a time, work deeper within and triple my work ethic and dedication. I am really looking forward to 2018 and I pray God keeps us all safe. It going to be a big board on the wall,  crafted a step at a time.



Influence : God

Friend of the Year:  Steve Okeleji (Top man, always there, with Niyi Agunloye, we create an amazing trio)

New Friend of the Year: Kehinde Agbaje (joined BudgIT this year, part of our creative team, always lit up to see his dedication)

Book of  the Year :  Love Doesn’t Win Elections (Ayisha Osori’s book is illuminating on the depth of work needed to salvage Nigeria.

Facebook Friend of the Year:  Jen’witemi ( He works in government but never afraid to bare his mind, such is made of steel)

Tweep of the Year: @Ugodre (his work with Nairametrics is underappreciated)

Person of the Year: Ayobami Adebayo (for writing a debut novel, making a hit with it)

Happiest Moment of the Year: Seye’s wedding day

Saddest day of the Year:  Samson Abioye!!! 

Song of the Year:  Rara by Tekno (He mixed the crisis in government and the Nigeria quagmire into beautiful rhythm)

Bible Verse: Psalm 119: 37 “Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way.”

Image Source: Daily Express