#34 C’est la vie

I hope nothing about this piece trends because this has been a ritual – a reflection post, since my 25th birthday .

I am just sick of hearing my names blowing up in the media, radio stations humming it and TV stations rolling it in bulletins. Social media, I could not even keep up with the copious messages. 

I have been reached from far and nigh, the unexpected and the forgotten and I have also been touched by the congratulatory messages. To be congratulated by a leader from my  alma mater, that really warmed my heart. Some messages came too late when the smoke had already been put out.  I still received all in grace. Stretching the blood pressure of my Mum by notches has not been helpful and hear her hop around prayer mountains, puts me in a fit. What exactly is the meaning of this? 

Sometimes, one is in that valley – a trough of uncertainty.  One feels a battle had not been won and reins had been handed over for others to take on, as the spirit gradually lacked the spark that rose the flame. So one longs for that new shining city, the one that Amplified Bible refers to in Hebrew 11 verse 10 – a city whose builder and architect is God. 

Coming back from the Obama Foundation Program, put me in another step of asking what’s really next. We have a team and a leader that I fully believe in, what’s the point of hovering around when I can still sit in my office as an active citizen, pursuing new ideas?

Since August, after my return US, I worked on the definite quality assurance guide for BudgIT known Standard Operating Practice (SOP) – some crazy folks in the office called it “soapy”, basking in words of viral Naira Marley’s song.  What exactly was on my mind was something new. A direction that I has been laying up has been a simple weave of Artificial intelligence and Data Visualization. When we found no name as I kept interrogating the market opportunity, I took the profane path and codenamed it “Kwikie”. My wife did not like the name that at all. We had a logo for placeholder, hoping to launch in March 2020 under a more pleasing name. 

But what do you get in the midst of the valley? You hear new voices like Leo Tolstoy wrote in “How much land does a man need”. You are approached that there’s a rough patch in a far city that can see a green leaf, if you can bring torrents of water. Before you firmly sit in and lay the hoses, after two weeks of work stomping the ground, you see thorns and thistles all around. C’est la vie. Such is Life.

I like being challenged and possibly I have found an existential one again. Like when a lady touched my dark skin in the University, asking if this sooty face would have stained her immaculate light skin. I swore to myself to reach new reins when this colorist appeal just does not pause my stride.

 So, here is a new challenge to something bigger since it is clear that few words here and there, laced in emotions & naive expectations of someone I “almost beheld like a glass”, would roll me into newscycle, making last five days, a quick lesson that everyone wrote hot takes. One day, we will tell our stories. In full.

How do I feel now? Peace, Energy & Optimism. That in the next one year, by the Grace of God, in good health, it has to count for BudgIT in its expansion plans and for “Kwikie”, as we dream into a global space. 

I am glad that a complex personal conundrum is resolved. I am responsible for my father-in-law and I can still do that. My immediate family – Oluwaseun, Ire & Wuraola – will see more of me.  I can still hop on a plane to see new dreams, made from seven seas, in the bright lights of New York. I can see Mummy Oby in Berlin and cheer her up on the new fellowship. I can also go to Ido-Ekiti and lead a community project meeting. A rush of freedom after counting all that I have staked. 

I am very thankful for Ireoluwa Grace Onigbinde who clocks 1 in two days. Over 60 days in Intensive Care Unit, without any element of hope, to the eternal glory of my King, Ireoluwa is alive and smiles when I say – “Baby What, Baby Ire!!!”

Last year, I said we were happening, it is time to evolve. And as we move in the direction of His Grace, we accept the twists and turns, with firm trust that in the end that this is our life, our beautiful life. It is not just the counting it in annual pieces, by His Grace, we have a duty to make it further count.